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Trauma & Biohazard Remediation

Work With a Professional Crime Scene Cleaning Company

The Restoration Ninjas team understands that trauma situations are sensitive, emotional and messy. Our local experts are specially trained to provide discreet, professional and respectful services for any and all types of trauma events. 

Once the police have finished processing a crime or accident scene, call Restoration Ninjas, LLC so that we can begin the cleaning and restoration process. Crime and accident scenes contain blood and other biohazard contaminants that pose serious health risks. Our professionals are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification to properly handle, remediate and treat crime scene and trauma cleanup. 

Restoration Ninjas, LLC’s cleaning professionals follow OSHA protocols to help transform unsafe environments back to clean and safe homes or businesses. Let us jump into action to get you back on your feet after facing difficult situations.


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Trauma Scene Cleanup and Death Cleanup

Any situation requiring biohazard cleanup (i.e. bodily fluids, blood and tissue) or hazardous material disposal at a home or business falls under the category of trauma scene cleanup. Specific examples include:

  • Crime scene cleanup, including decontamination of chemicals like tear gas
  • Suicide, homicide and accidental death scene cleanup and decontamination
  • Hoarding and animal infestation cleanup, including odor and rubbish removal
  • Airborne pathogen and blood cleanup
  • Emergency vehicle, facility and equipment cleanup
  • Infectious disease, viral and microbial site decontamination
  • Bodily fluids and tissue cleanup

Why Hire A Professional Crime Scene Cleaning Company?

  • Keep safe from, and properly dispose of, dangerous chemicals, infectious disease and bloodborne pathogens
  • Minimize mental stress
  • Save time and energy
  • Restore your property’s value

Trauma Scene Restoration Services

When you contact Restoration Ninjas for trauma scene or biohazard cleaning, you can expect members of our local team to arrive in a timely manner and bring all personal protection equipment, cleaning products and disposal supplies required for the task. During the job, the team will work tirelessly to safely and completely remove all hazardous and contaminated materials from the scene. Our goal is to return your home or business to the same condition it was in before the traumatic event occurred.

The final step in many  death, crime scene and biohazard cleanup situations is disposal, when all evidence of the event is removed and disposed of according to national, state, and local regulations.

Contact Restoration Ninjas, LLC today if you require or have questions about any trauma or biohazards remediation services.