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Odor Mitigation

The Experts in Removing Foul Odors From Homes and Buildings

After a disaster affects your home or commercial property, offensive odors may linger from several sources both inside and outside a structure. Restoration Ninjas, LLC is certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification to act on, manage and protect against even the foulest of smells. We can rid your property of such odors and you may feel like they were never there.


tech spraying a room

Pet Odor Removal

When dealing with unpleasant smells left by pets, these strong pet odors can be overwhelming. Restoration Ninjas, LLC can help eliminate the cause of these odors and leave your house smelling fresh and clean. 

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Smoke Odor Removal

The smell of smoke can make people feel sick to their stomachs and continuous inhalation can cause or exacerbate illnesses. Let Restoration Ninjas, LLC remove harmful smoke contaminants in the air so you can breathe freely. 

smoke ruined bedroom

Our Approach

Our professionals know that simply masking odors and using other shortcuts does not alleviate persistent odor issues. The science of identifying and eliminating odors is precise. Our expertly trained staff and professional equipment allows us to identify the cause of these odors, eliminate their origin, and remove these odors. Our goal is to leave no trace of the odor behind.

Reach Out

Contact us today to request our assistance or inquire about our services. We are more than happy to answer any of your questions.